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1.1.14. Aquarium maintenance

If one listened to all the well-meaning but ill-informed commentators on social media about aquarium maintenance one would be doing the following:

  • Do 50% water changes every week
  • Thorough gravel vacuuming every week
  • Mechanical media cleaning once weekly
  • Bleach brown algae off the ornaments every two weeks
  • Filter media cleaning and/or replacement once a month
  • Clean the algae off all sides of the aquarium weekly
  • Feed the fish three times a day

This amount of maintenance is NOT needed and is such a pain in the butt that anyone doing it will leave the hobby in very short order.

Corydoras aeneus - Gold Stripe
Corydoras aeneus – Gold Stripe

In truth, with most aquariums, for maintenance, one can simply do:

  1. Do a 50% water change every two months
  2. Do NO gravel vacuuming
  3. Clean the mechanical media in the filter once a week
  4. Just let the brown algae do its thing
  5. Partially clean the filter media once every six months
  6. Clean the algae off the front glass once a week
  7. Feed the fish once a day

Probably 95% of all aquariums in the hobby are just fine with this regimen.

Maintenance in Greater Depth

For more on this topic go to this link:

18. Aquarium Maintenance


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