Poly-Filter in the Aquarium

7.4.7. Poly-Filter in the Aquarium

Poly-Filter is an extremely expensive ($45 for a one square foot piece!) fibrous pad material that is commonly used in filters. Some breeders add this to the bags of fish shipments, supposedly to absorb or adsorb contaminants. It supposedly removes “Harmful Organics, Toxic Ammonia and Nitrite, Heavy Metals, All Forms of Phosphate, Medications after Treatment”.

This is another “patented” product that came about when the patent office stopped requiring patents to actually work. If one reads the patent it is pure “pseudo-scientific bedazzlement”.

This material is basically disposable baby diapers per the chemistry in the patent. It adsorbs only some color from the water if you add color to the water. It is simply useless in a shipping bag or in a filter.

If this material actually functioned as claimed there would be extensive use of this in the food and chemical processing industry. Activated carbon is used extensively in both these industries to remove color and odors. The material in this product and the material in diapers is not used in the industry. This is because it doesn’t do anything.

This is probably the most expensive filtration media you can buy. This is probably why all the pet store owners are making videos promoting this media. Everyone loves a high-profit margin item.

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