Chemi-pure Filter Media for the Aquarium

7.4.8. Chemi-pure Filter Media for the Aquarium

There are several varieties of a “Proprietary Product” called Chemi-pure. These are simply mixtures of the products below with very high price tags.

  • Activated carbon will do the following:
    • It will remove smells from a poorly aerated aquarium
    • It will remove food coloring from cheap fish food which colors the aquarium water yellow or green
    • It will remove brown tannins which leach from certain types of decorative wood
  • Zeolite (clinoptilolite) will remove a small amount of ammonia at a great cost
  • Ion exchange resins are of little use in an aquarium, especially if the water has any decent hardness (GH and/or KH)
  • Phosphate-removing resin works if you have algae in your tank caused by high phosphates in your tap water. This is a rare occurrence.

So if you want to do some of the above things and pay a huge amount of money to do them, be my guest. Buy yourself some Chemi-pure!

Otopharynx tetrastigma
Otopharynx tetrastigma

If you want further information on each of the media found in the mixture called Chemi-pure, click on the following links.

7.4.2. Activated Carbon

7.4.3. Ion-Exchange Resins

7.4.4. Zeolite

7.4.5. Phosphate Removing Granules

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