Acanthistius ocellatus – Eastern Wirrah

Acanthistius ocellatus is found on the reefs off the eastern coast of Australia. With their length of 45 centimeters they become too big for the aquarium.

Acanthistius ocellatus – Eastern Wirrah

Acanthistius ocellatus was officially described by Günther in 1859. This species belongs to the Serranidae family, also called sea bass or groupers. Their common name is Eastern Wirrah.


Acanthistius ocellatus can reach a total length of about 45 centimetres. The body is dark yellow/brown in colour with small black dots on top. The fins are dark brown with a small light blue edge. During the night they hide in deep caves and crevices of the reef. In one of the photos, you can see one hanging upside down between the reef.


Acanthistius ocellatus inhabits the east coast of Australia and mainly lives along the reefs between which it hides and hunts.


This Grouper mainly feeds on other fish.

The aquarium

This species is not suitable for a normal home aquarium. They are getting too big for this.


John de Lange

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