Acaronia nassa

Acaronia nassa is an unknown South American cichlid. Because of their unobtrusive colour not many aquarists keep them.

Acaronia nassa

When there is enough room en enough caves the fish leave each other.  The tank should be setup with rocks and driftwood.  Plenty of cover is needed in the tank.  Sufficiently free swimming space must be left.  You can use plants for decoration.  Don’t keep it alongside other, too small fish, because they have a big mouth and they will eat it.

The fish is a predator that feeds on aquatic insect larvae and small fishes.  After a while they accept dry pallets, flakes and frozen food.

Breeding is not easy.  Almost 1000 eggs are laid in a cave.  They hatch after 3-4 days and 4 days later they swim free.  The first 2-3 days the young eat microworms  and then newly-hatched brine shrimp.

Synonyms : Acara nassa, Acara cognatus, Acara unicolor, Centrarchus rostratus, Apistogramma ambloplitoides


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