Aequidens michaeli

Aequidens michaeli needs a large aquarium of at least 2 meters wide. With a dark bottom, the colors stand out better.

Aequidens michaeli

Aequidens michaeli can reach a length of about 20 centimeters. It is best to keep a couple or 1 male together with several females. Males are rather aggressive among each other. Do not keep the Aequidens michaeli together with smaller fish, because they can be mistaken for food.

Aequidens michaeli was officially described in 1995 by Kullander.


Rio Xingu, Brazil.

The aquarium

Aequidens michaeli requires an aquarium of at least 2 meters. Decorate the container with plants, driftwood and rocks so that there are enough hiding places, the plants are left alone. Floating plants can also be used to dim the lighting. The bottom may consist of sand or fine gravel, with a dark bottom the colors of these fish stand out better.


Temperature: 22-30 degrees.
PH: 7-7.5
GH: 5-8


Aequidens michaeli is omnivorous, as food both live food and frozen food can be given, such as mosquito larvae, Daphnia, brine shrimp, Mysis and krill. Dry food is also accepted, ensure sufficient variety.

Breeding Aequidens michaeli

For the breeding of Aequidens michaeli it is best to start with a group of young fish from which a good couple will form. After that, breeding is fairly simple, the eggs are laid on a flat stone and fertilized. Both parents have brood care, so they will monitor and take care of the young intensively. The young can be raised with brine shrimp nauplii.



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