Amblypomacentrus breviceps – Black-banded Demoiselle

Amblypomacentrus breviceps – Black-banded Demoiselle

Amblypomacentrus breviceps was first described in 1839 by Schlegel and Müller. This species is not really known in the aquarium hobby. This damsel is part of the Pomacentridae family. The Amblypomacentrus genus was established in 2000 and contains only three species.

Over the years this species has seen a few names. Synonums are: Glyphisodon breviceps, Pomacentrus breviceps, Pristotis trifasciatus, Pomacentrus trifasciatus, Pomacentrus nematopterus, Pomacentrus beauforti.


This damselfish stay reasonably small. They can reach a total length of around 9 centimeters. Young animals have bright yellow ventral and anal fins. In older specimen, the yellow fades slightly to a little more light brown. The basic color of Amblypomacentrus breviceps is white with three brown vertical stripes on top. The front line runs over the eye. The two rear stripes continue across the dorsal fin.

In the wild they live either solitary or in small groups.

Amblypomacentrus breviceps is very similar to Amblypomacentrus clarus. However, that species is missing the yellow in the ventral and anal fins and on the abdomen. They both occur in the same area next to each other.


The distribution area of Amblypomacentrus breviceps is located around Indonesia and the Philippines. They occur from the South China Sea to the North coast of Australia.

They inhabit the lagoons and coastal areas there. They are usually found above sand or mud where there is some debris on the bottom such as sponges or rocks. The young Amblypomacentrus breviceps often seek protection from anemones.


The eggs are laid in empty shells. The eggs stick to the shell until they hatch. The male shows takes care of the eggs. He guards and fans the eggs. After hatching, the fry have to take care of their own.


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Glyphisodon breviceps, Pomacentrus beauforti, Pomacentrus breviceps, Pomacentrus nematopterus, Pomacentrus trifasciatus, Pristotis trifasciatus


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