Aquarium Plants

In addition to their useful function, aquarium plants, if well cared for, are also a beautiful part of the aquarium. The plants give the aquarium the appearance of a piece of nature in your home. They provide shelter for many fish and for some of them it is even a place to lay their eggs.

Plants in the aquarium also ensure that the water quality is kept in balance. By converting waste into growth, they keep the water livable for the fish. The waste is converted into solid material, which is removed from the aquarium by pruning the plants. It is therefore important to maintain the aquarium regularly to prevent dying plant material from returning waste products to the aquarium.

The use of aquarium plants also prevents the aquarium from being overgrown by algae. Plants and algae live on the same nutrients. In a well-planted and balanced aquarium, they absorb so many nutrients that there is almost no room for the algae.

Aquarium Plant Database

In this aquarium plant database you can find the plants to the place in the aquarium where the aquarium plant comes into its own. You can find example layouts in the Showcase section, where you can see where certain plants come into their own.