Floating Plants

Floating plants usually include plants that float freely on the water. These are well-known plants such as duckweed, raft ferns and the water fork.

There are also plants that, if the water is low enough, will take root in the soil, such as the water hyacinth, mussel plant, oak leaf ferns and Limnobium. The Brazilian pennywort and water genians start out underwater but can continue to grow along the surface of the water. Then we have a group of plants that are attached to the bottom with a single root but otherwise float freely, such as hornwort and bladderwort. There will always be some debate about whether or not these groups are floating plants.

Floating plants in the aquarium can have several functions. They ensure the absorption of phosphates and nitrates because they can be fast-growing plants. Some fish species feel more comfortable with a somewhat shaded part of the aquarium. other fish species find shelter between the roots or raise their young among them.

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