Aquarium Substrates

14.2. Aquarium Substrates

There are different kinds of substrate you can use in the aquarium. Some more expensive or more suitable than others.

Selecting an Aquarium UV Unit

14.1.2 Selecting an Aquarium UV Unit

Selecting an Aquarium UV Unit: In this article we make a recommendation as to the “best” UV unit in our OPINION.

Aquarium UV in Depth

14.1.1. Aquarium UV in Depth

Aquarium UV in Depth explains how a UV light works and what UV unit to choose for your aquarium.

UV Sterilizers for the Aquarium

14.1. UV Sterilizers for the Aquarium

UV sterilizers are small electrical light treatment units that have water flowing over a special electric light bulb. This UV light kills micro-organisms in the water passing over the bulb.

Equipment for the Tropical Aquarium

14. Equipment for the Tropical Aquarium

Equipment for the Tropical Aquarium: This is a chapter dedicated to aquarium hardware. This includes the UV units, substrate, pumps, plumbing, heaters and decorations. Each product will have its own article.

Very heavily Stocked Aquarium

13.1. Stocking Opinions

Stocking opinions: In MY OPINION, if one has excellent filtration, with a large volume of good media, in an aquarium established for at least four months, without filter cleaning, the number of fish one can put in a tank is huge.

Quinine in the Aquarium

12.4.7. Quinine in the Aquarium

Quinine in the Aquarium: One very typical example of the profit motive at work is the promotion of Chloroquine Phosphate as an ich medication.

Furan and Sulfa Drugs in the Aquarium

12.4.6. Furan and Sulfa Drugs in the Aquarium

Sulfa and furan drugs do not treat fish diseases very well. They should be thought of as antiseptics which have limited bacteriostatic actions when dissolved in the water column of an aquarium.



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