Acropora intermedia

Acropora intermedia

Acropora intermedia was described in 1891 by Brook. They belong to the Acropora family. This family includes four genera and about 200 coral species. This family forms branched or tabular structures. The polyps are in tubular cups that are located all over the surface. They belong to the SPS corals or the Small Polyp Stony Coral.


This coral forms large upright branches. In the wild, they can grow large, up to five meters in diameter. Only in shallow water will the base extend horizontally.

The color of the coral can vary from cream to brown, blue, yellow and green. Within one colony, all corals have the same color, only the tops are a bit more pale.

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Acropora eminens, Acropora vanderhorsti, Madrepora intermedia, Madrepora repens


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