Andinoacara rivulatus – Green Terror

Andinoacara rivulatus is nicknamed Green Terror, especially among themselves, they can become very aggressive.

Andinoacara rivulatus – Green Terror

Andinoacara rivulatus – Green Terror males can reach a maximum length of around 20 centimeters. The females are smaller, up to 12 centimeters in size, and darker than the males. Adult males get a hump-shaped forehead. There are a number of local variants, in particular, the Green Terror is very popular and comes from Ecuador, just like the Gold Saum / Seam. The Gold Saum has red / gold trimmed anal and caudal fins. The Silver Saum / Seam comes from Peru and has a silvery-white border in the anal and caudal fins.

This species was first described in 1860 by Günther.

Synoniemen: Chromis rivulata, Aequidens rivulatus, Acara aequinoctialis, Aequidens azurifer.

Andinoacara rivulatus "Goldsaum" - Man with forehead hump
Andinoacara rivulatus “Goldsaum” – Man with forehead hump


Ecuador, Peru, South America.

The Aquarium

These large fish require an aquarium of at least 150 centimeters. Use coarse-leafed plants and place them in a flowerpot in the ground so that they cannot be dug out. Shelters can be made from bogwood and stones. Rounded gravel must be used as substrate so that the fish cannot injure their mouths. A powerful filter is needed to keep the water clear since they are rather large eaters and like to play with the substrate looking for food.

Water parameters

Temperature: 20-24 degrees Celsius.
PH: 7-8
GH: 16-20

As said, they are big eaters, give them live and frozen food like beef heart, mussels, shrimp, mysis, krill, mosquito larvae, coalfish fillet, small fish, and artemia, also dry food and cichlid sticks.


These cichlids are best kept as a couple, adult fish can be quite aggressive towards other residents in the aquarium, so keep them together with other strong cichlid species. They are territory formers, so give them sufficient space and shelter.

Andinoacara rivulatus "Goldsaum" - Male and female
Andinoacara rivulatus “Goldsaum” – Male and female

Breeding Andinoacara rivulatus – Green Terror

The temperature may be slightly higher for breeding, if you have a good matching pair, the breeding is fairly simple. Andinoacara rivulatus – Green Terror lay the eggs on stones or wood, both parents have brood care and take care of the eggs and fry for a long time. The eggs hatch after 3 to 4 days, and after 11 days the youngsters swim freely. You can raise the fry with newly hatched artemia and crushed flakes. Changing water regularly promotes growth.




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