Cantherhines dumerilii – Whitespotted filefish

Cantherhines dumerilii grows to a maximum length of about 38 centimeters. They, therefore, need an aquarium of at least 2,000 liters.

Cantherhines dumerilii – Whitespotted filefish

Cantherhines dumerilii was described in 1854 by Hollard. They belong to the family Monacanthidae or the Filefish. As they occur over a vast area they have many common names. Some of them are Whitespotted filefish, Barred Filefish, Barred Leatherjacket, Orange-fin File, and Yelloweye Filefish.


With a maximum total length of 38 centimetres, Cantherhines dumerilii becomes a sizeable fish. This is the maximum length, most fish are about 25 centimetres long.

The colour is grey-brown to yellow-brown. 12 vertical dark stripes are visible on the flank. The lips are white in colour. The caudal fin is orange, rounded and relatively small compared to the body. The colour around the eye is yellow.


The distribution area of ​​Cantherhines dumerilii is large. They occur from the East African coast to French Polynesia and up towards Japan and Hawaii. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, they occur along the coast of Mexico and Colombia.

Cantherhines dumerilii can be found up to a depth of 70 meters above the coral where it can hide in case of imminent danger.


In the wild, Cantherhines dumerilii feeds on coral, algae, sponges, mollusks, and sea urchins.

The Aquarium

Cantherhines dumerilii is a filefish that is a bit difficult to keep. 2,000 liters is recommended as a minimum volume for a solitary fish.



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