Chaetodon bennetti – Bluelashed Butterflyfish

Chaetodon bennetti can reach a length of about 18 centimeters. It is a very sensitive butterflyfish, suitable only for experts.

Chaetodon bennetti – Bluelashed Butterflyfish

Chaetodon bennetti was described in 1831 by Cuvier. The genus name is made up of two ancient Greek words. Chaeto means ‘brush’ and odon means ‘tooth’. This is a reference to the teeth that resemble a brush. The species name bennetti is in honor of the zoologist Edward Turner Bennett (1797-1836), Zoological Society of London, who showed the type specimen to Cuvier. Their common name is Bluelashed Butterflyfish.


Chaetodon bennetti can reach a maximum length of about 18 centimeters. The color is predominantly yellow. A vertical dark brown/black stripe runs across the eye, which is trimmed with a white border. On the flank are two light blue iridescent stripes which gave them their common name. At the back of their flank, they have a large black spot surrounded by a similar blue iridescent border.

The Aquarium

Although this fish looks very nice, it is not suitable for the aquarium. They have a hard time getting used to life in the aquarium and less than 20% of these animals survive the first 3 months. Provide stable and appropriate water values, Chaetodon bennetti is very sensitive to fluctuations.


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Chaetodon vinctus

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Georges Cuvier

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