Maskaheros regani

Maskaheros regani is one of the beautifully colored Central American cichlids. The males can grow to about 25 centimeters in length.

Maskaheros regani

Maskaheros regani can reach a length of about 25 centimeters, the females remain slightly smaller. Adults have a blue/sea green color and fine red speckles on the body. The upper red forehead stripe is striking.

Older specimens may develop a forehead bump. The name refers to the British C.T. Regan.

Synonyms: Cichlasoma regani, Paraneetroplus regani, Vieja regani.


Rio Coatzacoalcos, Rio Almoyola, Rio Malatengo, Rio Jaltepec.

The Aquarium

The Maskaheros regani requires an aquarium of at least 2 meters long, 50 cm wide and 50 cm. high. Furnish the aquarium with various pebbles, boulders and driftwood, so that there are sufficient hiding places. Plants are used as food, the substrate must consist of sand. It is advisable to change the water regularly.

Water parameters

Temperature: 24-27 degrees Celsius.
PH: 7-8
GH: 5-8


Maskaheros regani needs ballast-rich food, both live and frozen food can be given, such as mysis, krill, shrimp and mussels, and vegetable food such as spirulina should not be missed.


Maskaheros regani is a peaceful and active species, which can be quite shy. It is best to keep them together with Characins or Livebearers.

Breeding Maskaheros regani

Breeding the Maskaheros regani is quite difficult, it is best to start with a group of 6 young fish from which a good couple is formed. The eggs are deposited and fertilized on a cleaned stone. After 3 days the eggs hatch, and after a week the young swim around freely. The fry can be raised with crushed flakes and brine shrimp nauplii.




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