Type localities Apistogramma

Have you always wanted to know where Apistogramma species occur? The map below shows the type localities of the different Apistogramma species. To see the legend with species, click on the arrow below to the left of the Title: Type localities of Apistogramma. A big thank you to Roland Kipper for providing the map!

How to Create Your Own Biotope Aquarium

Every aquarist’s goal is to provide their fish with the perfect conditions in which to thrive and create a beautiful aquarium that’s pleasing to the viewer. In recent years, the trend has moved toward creating biotope aquariums.So, what is a biotope aquarium, and how do you create one? What is a Biotope Aquarium? All fish […]

Cichlid Conservation in Uganda

The Lake Victoria Species Survival Plan represents an organized effort by North American zoos and public aquariums to conserve as much of the diversity of the endemic cichlids therein as possible.

brachyplatystoma cf vaillanti

Catfish: Understanding these scavengers

With more than 2200 species does the group of catfishes represent a large amount of different species some with the most extraordinary adaptions.



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