Drip Water Changes

18.2. Drip Water Changes

A continuous drip water change system uses permanent plumbing to continuously and automatically change the water in one or more aquariums via a 24/7 drip.

Stocking an aquarium

1.1.8. Stocking an aquarium

The number of fish and the size of the fish in an aquarium is called the “stocking” of an aquarium. Any beginner to the hobby should start with a few fish under three inches in size.

Hemigrammus Interactive Map

Data retrieved from GBIF.orgGBIF.org (01 January 2022) GBIF Occurrence Download https://doi.org/10.15468/dl.b88f5k

How to Create Your Own Biotope Aquarium

Every aquarist’s goal is to provide their fish with the perfect conditions in which to thrive and create a beautiful aquarium that’s pleasing to the viewer. In recent years, the trend has moved toward creating biotope aquariums.So, what is a biotope aquarium, and how do you create one? What is a Biotope Aquarium? All fish […]

Jaap Groene Aquarium

Jaap’s Green Aquarium

Jaap’s Green Aquarium is Jaap’s third Aquascape and is now running from November 3, 2019. The aquarium exudes peace and atmosphere.

ADA en ViV scharen in verpakking naast elkaar001

Review Aquascaper scissors by Amano and ViV

Aquascaping is hot and naturally that also includes the tools used. Therefore a review of the ADA Pro Scissors Spring and ViV Spring Scissors Curve.