Rhinogobius maxillivirgatus man

New species: Rhinogobius maxillivirgatus

Rhinogobius maxillivirgatus is a newly described Goby species from China. They only live in a small tributary of the Changjiang River.

The Central Scene

The Central Scene – North & Central American Cichlid Keeping

Lee Nuttalls magazine The Central Cichlid unfortunately only saw 8 editions but provided lots of good quality information and images about North and Central American cichlids. The 8 editions can now be seen online as an ebook.

Cirrhilabrus greeni Man

New species: Cirrhilabrus greeni

A new wrasse species has been described: Cirrhilabrus greeni. This small wrasse originates from the Timor Sea, Northern Territory Australia. As many wrasses this species has very striking colours.

Brachychalcinus reisi

New Species: Brachychalcinus reisi

A new species has been described in the Characidae family, sub-familiy Stethaprioninae: Brachychalcinus reisi. They originate from the tributaries of Rio Curuá in Brasil.

Corydoras hephaestus

New species: Corydoras hephaestus

Corydoras hephaestus was only discovered in 2014 and described in 2017. A beautiful Corydoras species with a black body and red dorsal and caudal fin.

Channa shingon

New species: Channa shingon

New description of a dwarf Channa: Channa shingon. Named after a mythological figure from Myanmar.

Baryancistrus xanthellus - Golden Nugget

L-Numbers and LDA-numbers? The explanation!

You often see the term L numbers or LDA numbers. In this article, we explain that this is a temporary name for new species from the family Loricariidae.

Epoxy for aquarium Background

To preserve the RockZolid aquarium background under water you will have to cover it with epoxy resin.

Ameca splendens

Breeding Ameca splendens

Gerry describes the external fysiology of Ameca splendens and tells about his recent experiences with breeding and keeping them.



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