Betta akarensis – Akar Betta


Betta akarensis – Akar Betta

Betta akarensis is named after the Akar River on Borneo.

If the aquarium is large enough and has enough hiding places by means of dense vegetation, Betta akarensis is quite peaceful and can be kept with other smaller species together. Smaller expressions of aggression during feeding or in the mating season are generally limited to some damage to the fins, which heal quite quickly. They do not make great demands on water quality.

Synonym: Betta climacura.


Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia.


Betta akarensis is carnivorous. You can feed them living foods such as brine shrimp. Additionaly you can give them flakes or small granules.

Breeding Betta akarensis

Breeding Betta akarensis is not easy. Soft and acidic water is necessary. Breeders’ experiences indicate that certain weather conditions such as a low-pressure area are conducive to stimulate the fish to reproduce. After spawning and fertilization, about sixty eggs are taken into the mouth by the male. It is advisable to remove the female after mating as the male will eat the eggs after a few days and start a new spawn. After 10 to 11 days, the fry leave the father’s mouth. Despite the fact that the young are usually left alone, it is better to remove the father now. The fry can be raised on Brine shrimp nauplii and grow quite quickly.


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