Betta fusca – Dusky Betta

Betta fusca needs a fairly large aquarium. Make sure that the substrate is dark, soft and slightly acidic, add many plants to make them show the best colors.

Betta fusca – Dusky Betta

Betta fusca was officially described by Regan in 1910. The generic name fusca comes from Latin and
refers to the dark, black color of the fins in prepared specimens.


The type specimen comes from Sumatra; Indonesia. Other catch locations are Mertang River; Malaysia. Teloh Bahang; Malaysia. Temerloh, Terachi; Malaysia. Terachi; Malaysia.


Betta fusca can reach a total length of around 120 millimeter (TL).

Keeping Betta fusca

Betta fusca should not be kept in a small aquarium. An aquarium of one meter in length is suitable. The substrate must consist of either black gravel or gravel with a layer of peat and oak leaves over it. It is also highly recommended to densely plant the aquarium in order to create hiding places, dense planting also contributes to the behavior of the species; Betta fusca will feel very comfortable and display the most beautiful colors.

The water values play an important role in optimal care. In addition, it is wise to adhere to the values measured in the natural habitat; a pH between 5.5 and 7.0, dH 12 and temperatures that varied between 22 ° and 26 ° C. Betta fusca is not very aggressive, apart from the periods before, during and after reproduction. It is quite possible to keep 2 pairs, or a male or female, in a one-meter aquarium.

Breeding Betta fusca

The species is a muzzle brother that breeds near the bottom. After reproduction, the male has all the eggs in the mouth and secludes himself near the water surface between the floating plants. After approximately 14 days the 60 fry are released. They can reach a length of 80 mm in eight months.


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