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To make it easier to find the right aquarium article we have created different categories.

Aquarium Photography

Aquarium Photography

Tips, tricks and information!

Aquarium photography can be challenging. Low light, moving objects, reflections….with some the tips in our articles you can improve your aquarium photography skills.

Aquarium articles


Miscellaneous articles

Aquarium articles cover a wide range of subjects. All articles not covered in one of the general topics are gathered in this category.

Aquarium beginner set


Articles for the beginning hobbyist

This category contains articles for the beginning aquarist. More information about setup, lighting, filtration etc.

Paracheirodon axelrodi - Cardinal Tetra - Biotope


The habitats of our fish

This category shows articles that tell you more about the habitat of the fish species we keep. Origin, water parameters and specifics.

Breeding tanks

Breeding Reports

Breeding difficult? Get ideas from these articles!

What could be more fun than breeding fish yourself? Or read about how others breed their fish. Some varieties are very easy to breed, others very difficult. Read the experiences of other hobbyist breeders in these articles and get ideas!


Do It Yourself

Aquarium DIY projects

Build an aquarium yourself, make your own fish food? Make a back wall or rocks for the aquarium? Bio Co2 or Drilling a Hole? In these articles, you can find aquarium DIY projects!

Aquarium filter


Information about different kinds of filtration

Various filters are available for the aquarium. How do they work and which ones are best suited in which situation and why. You can find it in these articles.

Frozen fishfood


Information about fishfood

What do you feed the fish? How much and how often? Frozen or dry food? Do you want to make food yourself? Read it in the articles about fish food!.

Aphyosemion striatum


Care and breeding of Killifish

Killifish are not only kept by enthusiasts but often also bred. That way they can be maintained within the hobby. In these articles, you can read more about keeping, caring for and breeding these colourful fish.

aquarium news


Important news for the hobby!

Announcements, new species descriptions, important papers, new products? All news is collected in this category.

Pygocentrus nattereri


Care and breeding of Piranhas

Piranhas are often portrayed as bloodthirsty monsters … but is that right? These articles tell more about Piranhas and how to keep them.

Melanotaenia boesemani - Boeseman's Rainbowfish


Care and breeding of Rainbowfish

Rainbowfish come in many different colours. To help enthusiasts to keep and breed these beautiful fish, we have collected a number of articles.

Water parameters test

Water Parameters

Info on water parameters and tests

Would you like to know more about water parameters and how everything interrelates? Here you will find the articles! Measuring is knowing … but you have to know what you are measuring!

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