Tropheus brichardi Mpimbwe

Breeding Tropheus brichardi ‘Mpimbwe’

Keeping and breeding Tropheus brichardi didn’t go without its problems, but now I have them breeding! Not the easiest of species to breed.

Telmatochromis bifrenatus

Care and breeding of Telmatochromis bifrenatus

Telmatochromis bifrenatus are easy to keep and breed, and every aquarist I’ve introduced them to has liked them, I recommend them with no reservations!

Chapalichthys pardalis - Polka-dot Splitfin - Male

Breeding Chapalichthys pardalis

Chapalichthys pardalis is a fairly easy to breed livebearer. In this breeding report, Tom and Pat Bridged tell us their experiences in breeding them.

Sturisoma panamense

Breeding Sturisoma

A description of breeding Sturisoma catfish and a discussion of their proper classification.

Lamprologus ocellatus - Male

Breeding Lamprologus ocellatus “Golden”

Breeding Lamprologus ocellatus “Gold” is entertaining and rewarding. They dig shells into the sand and make it their home. Eventually they will breed and lay the eggs inside the shell.

My Experiences with Discus - Part II 1

My Experiences with Discus – Part II

Breeding discus – the ideal, and what can go wrong. Raising the fry. Diseases and parasites, and how to treat them. Learn more how to successfully breed and raise discus.