Breeding Cyprichromis leptosoma

Breeding Cyprichromis leptosoma, a mouthbrooding open water Tanganyika cichlid. Spawning occurs in mid-water!

Bedotia geayi,Red-Tailed Silverside

The Madagascar Rainbow: Breeding report Bedotia geayi

Few fishes from Madagascar are available to hobbyists. Bedotia geayi is a species that is colorful, active, easy to maintain, and easy to breed. In fact, I would recommend this fish to a beginning fish breeder for both the ease of inducing spawning and the ease of raising the fry.

Breeding Steatocranus casuarius

One of the interesting fishes to come from the African continent is the “dwarf” cichlid, Steatocranus casuarius. A cichlid with many common names.

Breeding the NZ Short Fin Eel, Anguilla australis

In a major scientific and technological breakthrough that is likely to have major economic and conservation benefits the aquaculture research team at Mahurangi Technical Institute (MTI) have succeeded in breeding the NZ Shortfin Eel, Anguilla australis.

Biotodoma cupido Interactive Map

In this map, you will find the locations where Biotodoma cupido occurs. (20 December 2021) GBIF Occurrence Download

Breeding Tropheus brichardi ‘Mpimbwe’

Keeping and breeding Tropheus brichardi didn’t go without its problems, but now I have them breeding! Not the easiest of species to breed.

Care and breeding of Telmatochromis bifrenatus

Telmatochromis bifrenatus are easy to keep and breed, and every aquarist I’ve introduced them to has liked them, I recommend them with no reservations!