Bryaninops natans – Redeye Goby

Bryaninops natans or Redeye Goby can reach a maximum length of 2.5 centimeters. This species lives in groups and because of its size suitable for Nano Aquariums.

Bryaninops natans – Redeye Goby

Bryaninops natans is also called Redeye Goby. A clear reference to the purple color of the eye and the spot above it. The intestines are colored yellow and the rest of the body is transparent.

This small Goby can grow to a total length of around 2.5 centimeters.


This Goby is found in the Red Sea down towards Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. From Japan down to the Great Barrier Reef and more to the West in the Pacific Ocean to Guam and Micronesia. They live among the Acropora corals at a depth of about 7 to 27 meters. You can find them in groups between or above certain Acropora corals.


In the aquarium, Bryaninops natans needs a variety of food. Alternately feed them live and frozen food such as brine shrimp, Cyclops, flake food, lobster eggs, zooplankton etc.

The Aquarium

It goes without saying that Bryaninops natans can only be kept together with other small fish. It is a fish that lives in groups in the wild. You can always see them hanging around in groups above Acropora coral. Always keep them in a group of at least six specimen.

Given the small size, we assume that they are not often kept in an aquarium that is too large. They are well suited for a Nano aquarium, a group of six can already be kept in approximately 50 liters. They make no special demands on care and are fairly easy to keep.



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