Hang On Back Aquarium Filters

8.2. Hang On Back Aquarium Filters

There are many types of filters that use a box hanging off the back of the aquarium to mechanically filter the waste. These are called hang-on-back, HOB, or cartridge filters.

Aquarium Filter Test

8.1.1. Aquarium Filter Test

Aquarium Filter Test: how “good is a filter?” Most focus on ammonia and nitrite oxidation but forget Crystal-clear water!

Review of Aquarium Filters in Depth

8.1. Review of Aquarium Filters in Depth

By the simplified version there are many types of filters used for the tropical aquarium which can be scored by approximate number of three-inch fish the filter will support, media capacity, ease of cleaning, cost, and appearance:

Review of Aquarium Filters

8. Review of Aquarium Filters

Any discussion of ANY filter requires a disclaimer. ALL commercial filters almost without exception tell the owner to replace the filter media! Replacing the Filter Media is a Big SCAM!!! 

Poly-Filter in the Aquarium

7.4.7. Poly-Filter in the Aquarium

Poly-Filter is an extremely expensive ($45 for a one square foot piece!) fibrous pad material that is commonly used in filters. This material is basically disposable baby diapers per the chemistry in the patent.

Purigen in the Aquarium

7.4.6. Purigen in the Aquarium

Seachem Purigen is an interesting well hyped extremely expensive ($45-$60 for one liter) product that is supposedly unlike any other filtration product.

Ion-Exchange Resins in the Aquarium

7.4.3. Ion-Exchange Resins in the Aquarium

There are two distinct uses for deionizing resins. One is to treat water for a water change and one is to directly treat the aquarium water to remove nitrates or ammonia. Neither use is a very good use of monetary resources, to put it mildly.


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