Aquarium temperature

Lowering aquarium water temperature during summer

Even though most fish can handle the heat during the summer months, sometimes you will have to lower your aquarium temperature. For doing so, several methods exist. Some of these methods are more effective than others, making it important to choose the right one.

A real catch of the day. Quality all over.

Harvest of Panda Red Asian Arowana

Harvesting Panda Red Asian Arowana isn’t easy. It takes cooperation to catch the brooding males and harvest the fry.

Beginners Guide to Killies 1

Beginners Guide to Killies

Beginners Guide to Killies, where to begin in keeping and breeding these colorful and fascinating species! This article gives you some guidance!

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi eggs just before hatching. Deposited on Amazon sword plant leave.

Cichlid Fry Development

Fry development of Dwarfcichlids, from egg to adult fish. In this photo essay you can see the eggs develop into wigglers and grow to be nice young fry looking like their parents.

My Experiences with Discus - Part II 2

My Experiences with Discus – Part II

Breeding discus – the ideal, and what can go wrong. Raising the fry. Diseases and parasites, and how to treat them. Learn more how to successfully breed and raise discus.