South American Killies

Cynolebias: True annual killifish that require slightly different treatment than the East African Nothobranchius.

Epiplatys annulatus - Clown Killifish

Care and breeding of Epiplatys annulatus

Keeping and breeding Epiplatys annulatus doesn’t have to be hard. Just provide them a breeding tank, spawning mops and Java Moss. The fry however need very tiny food like green water and rotifers).

Killifish for Dummies 1

Killifish for Dummies

Killifish for Dummies; Keeping and breeding killifish, as per their genus: Aphyosemion; Nothobranchius; Aplocheilus, Epiplatys and Cynolebius.

Nothobranchius palmqvistii - Gezani Tan9516 - Male

Shipping Killifish and Eggs

Shipping live Killifish can be done without much problems…just follow the rules. Shipping killifish eggs is even easier.

Pachypanchax patriciae


Pachypanchax are easy to keep and are undemanding of water conditions in terms of hardness or pH. Most average water suits them just fine, both for maintenance and breeding.

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