Laetacara flavilabris with fry

Update: Laetacara genus redescribed

The diagnoses of Laetacara species is updated herein based on either character states outlined in their original descriptions, redescriptions, or found in examined material (both type and non-type material) and additional observed data. Information on distribution of Laetacara species is herein updated. A key for species identification including all known species of Laetacara is provided. New information […]

Rhinogobius maxillivirgatus - Male

New species: Rhinogobius maxillivirgatus

Rhinogobius maxillivirgatus is a newly described Goby species from China. They only live in a small tributary of the Changjiang River.

Serrasalmus nattereri - Ferocious piranhas?

Ferocious Piranhas: How Did They Get Their Scary Reputation?

When you hear the word piranha, in all likelihood, you may imagine a cartoonish, feral image of a crazed, carnivorous beast carving the water into a froth. But is the ferocious piranhas really as dangerous as they seem to be?

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