Channa amphibeus – Borna Snakehead

Channa amphibeus is very rare Snakehead species. It is that rare that it is unlikely we will ever see it in an aquarium. If a specimen is found and offered in trade, expect extremely high prices

Channa amphibeus

Channa amphibeus is a small Snakehead species that grows maximun 25 cm. It is endemic to Chel river, on the foot of the mountains of Bhutan and North-East India. Channa Amphibeus has given its name because of the ability to survive in small mudpools during the dry season including the ability to move over land to find other pools.

In the natural habitat Channa amphibeus is very rare, so not many specialist traders have ever seen one. Amonst specialists aquarists Channa amphibeus has become a very adorable fish, prices of 5.000 to 8.000 dollar are no exceptions. Most of the fish turn out to be no Channa amphibeus but Channa barco (also very rare and exclusive) or  Channa aurantimaculata that is more available.


Patrick de Pijper

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