Copadichromis jacksoni

Copadichromis jacksoni, a very rare Malawi cichlid that is hardly exported or bred in captivity. Only keep with other peaceful Utaka!


Copadichromis jacksoni

Copadichromis jacksoni can be found in the entire Lake Malawi, mostly in deep water in sheltered bays. Copadichromis jacksoni males have a dark blue body with a white blaze on the head and neck. The Females are silver / brown and have 2 black spots. Apparently, males can count because only females with 2 black spots are approached to spawn, the females with just one or three spots are chased away.

Males build small colonies and a territory around steep cliffs in clear water. The territory is located on a higher rock in relation to the surroundings, where the male is closer to the females who reside in the open water. They occupy this territory for a long period of time and chase away all other species. This can be clearly seen because the territory becomes completely overgrown with algae.

This species is almost never exported and there is hardly any captive breeding. This is also a strain that is not easy to breed. Only to be kept in a relatively calm aquarium with other peaceful Utaka, do not combine with Mbuna!


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