Quinine in the Aquarium

12.4.7. Quinine in the Aquarium

Quinine in the Aquarium: One very typical example of the profit motive at work is the promotion of Chloroquine Phosphate as an ich medication.

Furan and Sulfa Drugs in the Aquarium

12.4.6. Furan and Sulfa Drugs in the Aquarium

Sulfa and furan drugs do not treat fish diseases very well. They should be thought of as antiseptics which have limited bacteriostatic actions when dissolved in the water column of an aquarium.

Formalin as a Fish Medication

12.4.4. Formalin as a Fish Medication

Some medications use a compound called formalin in them. Formalin is simply a 30% solution of formaldehyde, the stuff that preserves frogs for dissection.

Aquarium Dyes

12.4.3. Aquarium Dyes

Aquarium Dyes like Malachite green and methylene blue are very old remedies that were put forth in the 30s and 40s as fish medications. They have some use against Ich and fungus.

Salt for Treating Fish Disease

12.4.2. Salt for Treating Fish Disease

Summary of Salt Treatments for Fish. Salt is often recommended as a “natural” medicine for fish. There are many levels of salt  that can be used with fish.

Avoiding Diseases in Fish

12.9. Avoiding Diseases in Fish

The best preventative for fish diseases is to have water that is heavily biofiltered, bacteria-free and crystal clear.

Euthanizing a Fish

12.8. Euthanizing a Fish

Euthanizing a Fish: What is the most humane way to euthanize aquarium fish? This article provides the 5 most humane ways.

Ineffective Medicines for Fish Diseases

12.4. Ineffective Medicines for Fish Diseases

Ineffective Medicines for Fish Diseases: All the medicines mentioned in this article can be obtained in large quantities for reasonable prices. Yet none of them are used in commercial aquaculture of fish to treat any diseases!



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