The genus Hemimyzon was founded in 1911 by Regan. The genus name can be broken down into two ancient Greek words. Hemi means ‘half’ and myzon ‘to suckle’.

The genus Hemimyzon is very similar to the genus Jishaia. In both sexes, the pectoral and pelvic fins are not joined into a single disc. The caudal fin in Hemimyzon is cut straight or incident light. In Jinshaia, the caudal fin is deeply forked.

Hemimyzon species

Currently, this genus has 14 species. A list is the list of species that we have not yet added to the database. Below, with a photo, are the species that we have already included.

Hemimyzon confluens
Hemimyzon ecdyonuroides
Hemimyzon formosanus
Hemimyzon khonensis
Hemimyzon macroptera
Hemimyzon megalopseos
Hemimyzon nanensis
Hemimyzon papilio
Hemimyzon pengi
Hemimyzon pumilicorpora
Hemimyzon sheni
Hemimyzon songamensis
Hemimyzon taitungensis
Hemimyzon yaotanensis

Hemimyzon nanensis

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