The genus Brochis was made a synonym by Britto’s paper in 2003. Because the description of the genus Corydoras cannot be valid if the description of the genus Brochis is also valid. Scientists agree on this.

In 2011, Alexandrou and Taylor made a proposal to reclassify the Callichthydae family. More research is needed for this, but this proposal does show that the genus Brochis will probably be reinstated. This time with a better description.

For now, we leave the genus Brochis here on the site, pending further descriptions of this family.


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M.A. Alexandrou en M. I. Taylor, 2011 – Evolution, Ecology and Taxonomy of the Corydoradinae Revisited. In: Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish. – Verlag A.C.S. GmbH: 101-114

Corydoras splendens

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