Petrotilapia has ten officially described species and a number that are still awaiting description. Below you will find the list of species that are not yet included in the database. Below that, with photo, the species that we have already added.

Petrotilapia chrysos
Petrotilapia genalutea
Petrotilapia mumboensis
Petrotilapia nigra
Petrotilapia palingnathos
Petrotilapia pyroscelos
Petrotilapia tridentiger
Petrotilapia xanthos

Undescribed species:

Petrotilapia sp. ‘black flank’
Petrotilapia sp. ‘fuscous’
Petrotilapia sp. ‘chitimba’
Petrotilapia sp. ‘likoma barred’
Petrotilapia sp. ‘likoma variable’
Petrotilapia sp. ‘mumbo yellow’
Petrotilapia sp. ‘nigra tanzania’
Petrotilapia sp. ‘nigra tumbi’

Petrotilapia flaviventris - Chiwi Rock - Male

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