The Krobia genus was only founded in 1989 by Sven Kullander and Han Nijssen. The species within this genus have split from the genus Aeguidens. The name Krobia is the local Surinamese name for this genus.

Krobia includes four described species:

  • Krobia guianensis
  • Krobia itanyi
  • Krobia petitella
  • Krobia xinguensis

Two undescribed species may also belong to this genus:

  • sp. ‘red eyes’
  • sp. ‘oyapock’


All four varieties come from South America. Three out of four from the Guyanas and Krobia xinguensis from the Rio Xingu. They mainly occur in parts with little current.


Krobia seek out slow flowing parts in the river system. Here they mainly feed on invertebrates. In addition, they also ingest vegetable matter. In the aquarium, they need varied food that consists of both animal and vegetable food.

Krobia xinguensis

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