The genus Tropheops belongs to the Cichlid family (Cichlidae). Currently, there are 11 officially described species, but many are still awaiting their official description.

The name Tropheops is derived from the Tropheus genus from Lake Tanganyika. Tropheus is combined with the ancient Greek ‘ops’, which means ‘eye’. In this combination, it means something like ‘looks like Tropheus’.


Tropheops have a fairly narrow mouth which is facing downwards. They have closely spaced bicuspid teeth. These are very well designed to pull algae off the rocks.

Tropheops species

Below you will find a list of the species that fall within this genus that we have not yet included in the database. Below the list, with photo, the species we have already added.

Officially described species:

Tropheops biriwira
Tropheops gracilior
Tropheops kamtambo
Tropheops kumwera
Tropheops lucerna
Tropheops macrophthalmus
Tropheops microstoma
Tropheops modestus
Tropheops novemfasciatus
Tropheops romandi
Tropheops tropheops

Undescribed species:

sp. ‘aurora’
sp. ‘black dorsal’
sp. ‘black hara’
sp. ‘boadzulu’
sp. ‘broad mouth’
sp. ‘chilumba’
sp. ‘chilumba type’
sp. ‘chinyamwezi’
sp. ‘chinyankwazi’
sp. ‘chitimba’
sp. ‘dark’
sp. ‘deep’
sp. ‘elongatus chizumulu’
sp. ‘elongatus mbako’
sp. ‘elongatus metangula’
sp. ‘elongatus namalenje’
sp. ‘elongatus reef east’
sp. ‘gold otter’
sp. ‘goldbreast’
sp. ‘gracilior nankumba’
sp. ‘higga’
sp. ‘lucerna blue cobalt’
sp. ‘lucerna blue mozambique’
sp. ‘lucerna blue tanzania’
sp. ‘lucerna brown’
sp. ‘lucerna brown chia’
sp. ‘lucerna fin spot’
sp. ‘lucerna north’
sp. ‘lumessi blue’
sp. ‘macrophthalmus chitimba’
sp. ‘macrophthalmus chitimba blue’
sp. ‘macrophthalmus gallireya’
sp. ‘maleri blue’
sp. ‘maleri yellow’
sp. ‘mauve’
sp. ‘mbenji blue’
sp. ‘mbenji yellow’
sp. ‘membe’
sp. ‘mumbo’
sp. ‘olive’
sp. ‘orange head’
sp. ‘red cheek north’
sp. ‘red fin’
sp. ‘rust’
sp. ‘taiwan’
sp. ‘weed’

Tropheops sp. Yellow Chin - Chiwi Rock

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