The Danio genus is mainly found in the south of Asia. This is where most of the species live in Myanmar (Burma) where they can be found in the quieter parts of fast-flowing rivers.

Thanks to their good looks and active demeanour, Danios are fun fish to watch. The fact that these species are often also easy to keep in the aquarium ensures that some of the best-known fish species belong to this genus. Likewise, the Leopard Danio and Zebradanio, both of which belong to the Danio rerio species, are a common species in aquariums of novice aquarium enthusiasts. But the Danio erythromicron and Danio margaritatus (Rasbora galaxy) are also frequently seen fish in small aquariums.


All Danios are actually carnivores. They mainly feed on small insects, insect larvae, invertebrates and worms.


The name Danio comes from Bengali. It means “from the rice field”. The genus was first described by Francis Hamilton in 1822.

In 1916 this genus was split into two parts. The smaller species were added to the new genus Brachydanio, but this was reversed in 1991. The larger species were then split off into the genus Devario.

Danio species

At the moment the Danio genus has 26 valid species. Below you will find a list of the species that we have not yet included in our database. Below the list, with photo, the species that we have added:

  • Danio absconditus
  • Danio annulosus
  • Danio assamila
  • Danio catenatus
  • Danio concatenatus
  • Danio flagrans
  • Danio jaintianensis
  • Danio meghalayensis
  • Danio muongthanhensis
  • Danio quangbinhensis
  • Danio trangi
Danio erythromicron

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