The Serrasalmus genus now belongs to the family Serrasalmidae. The genus currently has 31 species and they belong to the Piranhas. The name Serrasalmus can be broken down into two words. Serran comes from Latin and means Saw. Salmo also comes from Latin and means Salmon. This is a reference to the serrated keel that runs along the belly of these fish. Loosely translated it means Serrated Salmon Family.

Origin and diet

Serrasalmus all come from South America. While they are often thought to eat only meat, this is not the case. It is of course part of their diet and many species are better to keep solitary. In addition to meat and fins, they also eat nuts and fruits.


Previously, the whole family was part of the Characidae (Characidae) with the name for the subfamily Serrasalminae. This subfamily has now become a true family and includes the Piranhas, Pacus and Silver Dollars.

Serrasalmus eigenmanni

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