The Anentome genus was founded by Cossman in 1901. Currently, this genus has about 10 species. Anentome helena, the so-called Assassin Snail, is especially known in the aquarium.

Anentome is different from the other genera in this family. Most other species are saltwater snails. Anentome can only be found in freshwater.

The species that belong to the genus Anentome are:

Anentome bizonata (Deshayes, 1876)
Anentome cambojiensis (Reeve, 1861)
Anentome costulata (Schepman, 1885)
Anentome fusca (H. Adams, 1862)
Anentome jullieni (Deshayes, 1876)
Anentome paviei (Morlet, 1866)
Anentome scalarina (Deshayes, 1876)
Anentome spinosa (Temcharoen, 1971)
Anentome wykoffi (Brandt, 1974)

See below the link to the description of the Anentome helena.

Anentome helena - Assassin Snail

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