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The AquaInfo database is built for and by aquarium enthusiasts. This site cannot exist without your support. To further expand the database, we need improvements to existing descriptions, but also new descriptions and photos. Donate some of your time and photos and help us improve Aquainfo! As always your name will be mentioned as the author or photographer.

To make it easy to submit information and photos, we have created a number of forms. Enter what you know and leave the rest open! Just submitting photos is also possible.

Upload Freshwater Species Info

This is an extensive form that allows you to upload Freshwater species information (Fish, Shrimp, Snail etc), description and photos.

Upload a Showcase

With this form you can submit information and images of your aquarium. With your info and images we create a showcase for others to learn enjoy!

Upload images

With this form you can upload up to 5 images. Maximum 20MB at a time. Please only submit your own images!

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