Ababi Island

Ababi Island – Mbenji Islands
Abactochromis labrosus 1

Ababi Island is the smallest of the four Mbenji Islands. It is located just above Mbenji Island, Kampambe Island and Penga Penga Island in Malawi waters.

Underwater view:

Ababi Island – Mbenji Islands
Abactochromis labrosus 2

(copyright images and video Pete Barnes)

Below is a list of species that occur around this location but are not yet in the database. Below, find, with a photo, the species we have included in the database.

Aulonocara koningsi
Chindongo sp. ‘aggressive zebra mbenji’
Chindongo sp. ‘elongatus mbenji brown’
Cynotilapia afra
Labidochromis mbenjii
Lethrinops sp. ‘mbenji roundhead’
Melanochromis melanopterus
Metriaclima lanisticola
Metriaclima mbenjii
Metriaclima sp. ‘zebra patricki’
Mylochromis labidodon
Mylochromis sp. ‘guentheri mbenjii’
Petrotilapia genalutea
Protomelas sp. ‘mbenji thick-lip’
Pseudotropheus galanos
Pseudotropheus sp. ‘williamsi makanjila’
Tropheops sp. ‘mbenji yellow’

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