Chinyamwezi Island

Chinyamwezi Island
Aristochromis christyi 1

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Pete Barnes

Fish species

Below you will find the species that can be found around Chinyamwezi Island. First a list of species that we have not yet included in the database. Below, with photo, the species that have already been added:

Chindongo ater
Chindongo cyaneus
Copadichromis cyaneus
Copadichromis insularis
Copadichromis sp. ‘virginalis kajose’
Corematodus taeniatus
Ctenopharynx pictus
Cynotilapia sp. ‘blue black’
Cynotilapia sp. ‘chinyankwazi’
Cynotilapia sp. ‘flavus deep’
Cynotilapia sp. ‘lion chinyankwazi’
Docimodus evelynae
Melanochromis heterochromis
Melanochromis robustus
Metriaclima sp. ‘chinyankwazi’
Oreochromis lidole
Otopharynx ovatus
Petrotilapia chrysos
Protomelas insignis
Protomelas taeniolatus dejunctus
Pseudotropheus brevis
Rhamphochromis esox
Tropheops sp. ‘chinyamwezi’

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