Linganjala Reef

Below is a list of species that occur around this location but are not yet in the database. Below, find, with a photo, the species we have included in the database.

Caprichromis liemi
Chilotilapia euchilus
Corematodus taeniatus
Ctenopharynx pictus
Cynotilapia afra
Cynotilapia sp. ‘ndumbi’
Docimodus evelynae
Labidochromis chisumulae
Melanochromis melanopterus
Melanochromis parallelus
Melanochromis robustus
Metriaclima hajomaylandi
Metriaclima sp. ‘aggressive bars’
Metriaclima sp. ‘elongatus linganjala’
Metriaclima zebra
Oreochromis karongae
Oreochromis squamipinnis
Petrotilapia palingnathos
Protomelas insignis
Protomelas sp. ‘hertae’
Tropheops macrophthalmus
Tropheops sp. ‘elongatus chizumulu’

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