Mumbo Island

Mumbo Island is located in southern Lake Malawi, about 5 kilometers west of Domwe Island and Thumbi West Island.


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Pete Barnes

Species around Mumbo Island

A very large number of cichlids are found around the island. Approximately 85 different Malawi cichlids! The list below shows the species we have not yet included in the database. Below that, with photos, are the ones we did add.

Aulonocara jacobfreibergi
Aulonocara sp. ‘nyassae mumbo’
Aulonocara sp. ‘stuartgranti maleri’
Caprichromis orthognathus
Chindongo sp. ‘aggressive brown’
Copadichromis cyaneus
Corematodus taeniatus
Ctenopharynx pictus
Cyathochromis obliquidens
Docimodus evelynae
Hemitaeniochromis brachyrhynchus
Hemitaeniochromis sp. ‘insignis mumbo’
Hemitaeniochromis spilopterus
Labeotropheus artatorostris
Labidochromis mylodon
Labidochromis vellicans
Lethrinops sp. ‘macrochir mumbo’
Melanochromis heterochromis
Melanochromis melanopterus
Melanochromis robustus
Metriaclima flavicauda
Metriaclima zebra
Mylochromis epichorialis
Mylochromis labidodon
Mylochromis mola
Mylochromis sp. ‘incola mumbo’
Oreochromis karongae
Oreochromis squamipinnis
Otopharynx mumboensis
Otopharynx ovatus
Petrotilapia genalutea
Petrotilapia mumboensis
Petrotilapia sp. ‘mumbo yellow’
Placidochromis sp. ‘blue otter’
Placidochromis sp. ‘longimanus mumbo’
Protomelas fenestratus
Protomelas insignis
Protomelas labriden
Protomelas sp. ‘oxyrhynchus mix’
Pseudotropheus livingstonii
Pseudotropheus purpuratus
Rhamphochromis esox
Serranochromis robustus
Stigmatochromis macrorhynchos
Stigmatochromis woodi
Taeniolethrinops laticeps
Tropheops biriwira
Tropheops sp. ‘broad mouth’
Tropheops sp. ‘mumbo’

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