Looking for: Experienced aquarists who want to share knowledge

The aquarium database of AquaInfo.nl is the most visited (non-profit) aquarium database in The Netherlands. Last year we served over 1.000.000 unique visitors with aquarium-related information, species profiles, images, and videos.

Our current team consists of twelve volunteers who are writing articles and species profiles, improving and/or translating them. We also have permission to use material from some authors and lots of photographers.

As there is always a lot of work to do, we are looking for experienced aquarists and specialists who are willing to share their knowledge and help us build and improve the database. Together we can provide high-quality profiles that can help others keep their fish and plants healthy.

Our team can always use reinforcement in various areas:


  • Writers to create species profiles and articles
  • Aquarium specialists to improve profiles, add their experiences and for instance, telling us more about how species can be bred


  • Proofreading – check translations on spelling, grammar, and choice of words as we are non-native speakers
  • Translators for translating from Dutch to English
  • Translators for translating from English to Dutch


  • Do you like to make contact with aquarium-related companies? This is your chance! We are looking for someone who wants to talk to companies about advertising on our website or other activities (unfortunately we need some ads to cover the costs of hosting this website).

Want to help out in a different way? Please let us know! Want more information or want to sign up? Send an email to: info@aquainfo.nl

Looking for volunteers
Looking for volunteers