Corydoras hephaestus

New species: Corydoras hephaestus

In 2014 a new Corydoras species was found in the Rio Madeira basin in Brasil. It has now (2017) been described by Ohara, Tencatt and Britto as Corydoras hephaestus.

In 2014 is een nieuwe Corydoras soort gevonden in het stroomgebied van de Rio Madeira. Hij is nu in 2017 beschreven door Ohara, Tencatt en Britto als Corydoras hephaestus. Striking about this species is their black coloured body with red dorsal and caudal fin.

Corydoras hephaestus only inhabits a small area in very low numbers. To be able to research them they had to catch the specimens 1 by 1. If they hit the aquarium at all, it will be a long time before they are readily available.


A new species of Corydoras is described from the upper Rio Machado, Rio Madeira basin, Rondônia State, Brazil. The new species can be distinguished from its congeners by the absence of contact between the posterior process of the parietosupraoccipital and the nuchal plate; a ventral laminar expansion of the infraorbital 1 conspicuously developed; and the posterior margin of the pectoral-fin spine with serrations along almost of its entire length, only lacking in the distal portion. Additionally, Corydoras hephaestus possesses dorsal and pectoral spines short, and exhibits an unusual color pattern in life. The conservation status of the new species and other endemic species are briefly commented.

Paper: Corydoras hephaestus beschrijving

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