Oryzias woworae – Daisy’s Ricefish

Oryzias woworae is a peaceful active schooling fish from an island off Sulawesi, which must be kept in a group of at least 8 specimens

Oryzias woworae – Daisy’s Ricefish

Oryzias woworae is a peaceful, very lively schooling fish that should be kept with a minimum of 8 pieces. This species has only recently been discovered on a small island (Muna) off east Sulawesi. The aquarium should be densely planted around the edges and background. Some floating plants to dim the light and a sandy bottom are appreciated. They mainly use the swimming space from 2/3 to the water surface in the aquarium. Oryzias woworae grows to a maximum size of 4-5 cm and is best kept warm (around 30 degrees Celsius), with a PH value between 6 and 7.

This species was officially described by Parenti & Hadiaty in 2010.


This fish comes from Indonesia. They have a very small distribution area in Sulawesi.


They are omnivores. They must therefore be fed alternately with (small) live and frozen food. Dry food is also accepted.


Breeding Oryzias woworae is quite easy. As with all rice fish, the female carries the eggs for some time and then attaches them to plants. Depending on the temperature, the fry hatch after 2-3 weeks. The parents leave the fry alone. The young can be raised with the smallest infusions.



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