There is quite a bit of discussion about this genus. In 2001 Allgayer founded the genus Cryptoheros but unfortunately, this description was not really well executed. In 2007, Schmitter and Soto made a description of the convicts in English; the genus Amatitlania. This genus now includes Amatitlania coatepeque, A. kanna, A. nigrofasciata and A. siquia. Many aficionados believe that this paper too, has been drafted too hastily without sufficient reasons to give the convicts their own gender. They expect that all these fish will be returned to the genus Archocentrus.

Genus name Amatitlania

The genus name Amatitlania means “belonging to Lake Amatitlán, Guatemala, the type locality of type species, A. nigrofasciata. “Amatitlán” means “a place rich in amate” in Nahuatl, amate is a type of rustic paper made from the bark of Ficus petiolaris or Ficus indica).

Amatitlania altoflava - Male

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