The genus Labidochromis was described in 1935 by Trewavas. The name Labis comes from Greek and means pliers or tweezers and refers to the narrow mouth, Chromis also comes from Greek and refers to colorful cichlids.

Currently, the genus includes about 19 officially described species. In addition, there are about 23 species that have not yet been described but will probably belong to this genus.

In the list below you will find the species that we have not yet included in the database. Below, with a photo, are the species that have already been added.

Described species

  • Labidochromis exasperatus
  • Labidochromis freibergi
  • Labidochromis heterodon
  • Labidochromis ianthinus
  • Labidochromis lividus
  • Labidochromis maculicauda
  • Labidochromis mathotho
  • Labidochromis mbenjii
  • Labidochromis mylodon
  • Labidochromis shiranus
  • Labidochromis strigatus
  • Labidochromis textilis
  • Labidochromis zebroides

To be described species:

  • sp. ‘blue bar’
  • sp. ‘caeruleus brown’
  • sp. ‘caeruleus chilucha’
  • sp. ‘caeruleus jalo’
  • sp. ‘chisumulae mbweca’
  • sp. ‘gigas chidunga’
  • sp. ‘gigas chilumba’
  • sp. ‘gigas cobwe’
  • sp. ‘gigas lupingu’
  • sp. ‘gigas pombo’
  • sp. ‘hora’
  • sp. ‘likomae’
  • sp. ‘lividus mozambique’
  • sp. ‘lividus nkhungu’
  • sp. ‘lundu blue’
  • sp. ‘mara’
  • sp. ‘mbamba’
  • sp. ’textilis blue’
  • sp. ’textilis cobalt’
  • sp. ‘zebra eastern
Labidochromis caeruleus Yellow

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