The genus Pseudotropheus was described in 1922 by Regen. The name can be divided into two parts. Pseudo meaning ‘false’ and Tropheus. The genus Tropheus is a similar genus from the same habitat in Lake Tanganyika.

Catch-all genus

Initially, species were attributed to this genus that had bicuspid teeth in the outer row of teeth. After more research, this turned out to be quite variable. As a result, species could no longer be grouped properly on the basis of these characteristics.

The genus Pseudotropheus is therefore currently a catch-all genus of various species awaiting a new description. They are then divided into existing or newly established genera.

Pseudotropheus species

Below you will find the species that still fall within the Pseudotropheus genus. Partly described and partly still undescribed. In the list the species that we have not yet included in the database. Below the list, with photo, are the species that we have already added.

Pseudotropheus brevis
Pseudotropheus fuscoides
Pseudotropheus fuscus
Pseudotropheus galanos
Pseudotropheus interruptus
Pseudotropheus joanjohnsonae
Pseudotropheus livingstonii
Pseudotropheus perileucos
Pseudotropheus purpuratus
Pseudotropheus tursiops

Species to be described:

sp. ‘aggressive grey’
sp. ‘aggressive yellow fin’
sp. ‘crabro blue’
sp. ‘dwarf nkhata’
sp. ‘elongatus kirondo’
sp. ‘elongatus makonde’
sp. ‘kingsizei tumbi’
sp. ‘minutus tanzania’
sp. ‘ndumbi gold’
sp. ‘perspicax hara’
sp. ‘perspicax likoma’
sp. ‘perspicax orange cap’
sp. ‘perspicax tanzania’
sp. ‘polit tumbi’
sp. ‘sand cobalt’
sp. ‘socolofi nkolongwe’
sp. ‘thin stripe’
sp. ‘three peaks’
sp. ‘tiny’
sp. ‘tursiops mbenji’
sp. ‘variable eastern’
sp. ‘variable kande’
sp. ‘variable mozambique’
sp. ‘williamsi makanjila’
sp. ‘williamsi maleri’
sp. ‘williamsi north’

Pseudotropheus polit

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